Suicide Squad: Primer

Suicide SquadOn August 5th, the Suicide Squad movie hits screens. Intelligence officer Amanda Waller will take jailed criminals and throw them all together for a mission. Learn more about the Suicide Squad, known and unknown, with this handy list.

Harley Quinn

Oddly, the most popular character is the youngest. The Suicide Squad movie focuses on this criminal psychologist turned Joker fangirl thanks to Margot Robbie’s…fetching smile. Honor student and gymnast, Harley was unfortunately no match for the Joker’s villainous charm. Her first appearance was in the Batman animated series, a mere fourteen years ago, and has skyrocketed in popularity since.


Gun-for-hire Floyd Lawton taught himself marksmanship, and his single missed shot—aimed at a Senator in Gotham City—thanks to Batman. After having a bomb planted in his brain like all the members of the Suicide Squad, he took charge of the operation, proving himself a ruthless and driving leader. His original bio has him as the originator of the Suicide Squad name, because of a disregard for his own life.


Tatsu Yamashiro, nominally a hero, is gifted in martial arts and with a sword, Tatsu’s brother-in-law killed her husband, whose soul was trapped in the sword she carried. The sword, called Soultaker, stores souls and communicates with her, meaning her husband remains with her in a way.

Captain Boomerang

George “Digger” Harkness, from Australia, battled with the Flash on numerous occasions after honing his skills with his eponymous weapon in poverty and the Australian bush. His proficiency with his hand-crafted weapons makes him a dangerous opponent—in addition to his lack or moral compass.


Christopher Weiss is his name, and rope is his game. A brilliant chemist, he developed a powerful adhesive for his ropes and became yet another supervillain. The ropes are nigh-unbreakable, and he’s trained himself in an extremely violent method of attack. Tying up, maim, or especially hanging–nothing is out of bounds.

Rick Flag Jr.

Son of World War II hero Richard Flag, Rick Flag Jr. has multiple conflicting origin stories. In one, he was a pilot during WWII, and in another, he was born after the way. In a third, an unrelated soldier Anthony Miller was brainwashed consequently believed he was Rick Flag Jr. Invited to join the Suicide Squad without the pressure of a brain bomb, Rick added much-needed structure, in addition to strong military skills.


June Moon must keep herself in control at all times, because otherwise the Enchantress gets out. Her powers are only available when she’s “released” the Enchantress, who is always trying to escape. She stays with the Suicide Squad, and as a result gets help from Amanda Waller on controlling her evil side.

El Diablo

Chato Santana worked for the mob in addition to tattoos curling all over his skin and pyrokinesis at his fingertips. After setting a building on fire to collect a debt he realized there were many innocent children and woman killed in the blaze. He turned himself in, and was inducted into the Suicide Squad after a loyalty test.

Killer Croc

Somewhat well known nowadays thanks to his annoying level in Batman Arkham Asylum, Waylon Jones suffers from a strange condition. He’s over seven feet tall, six hundred pounds, and is therefore the Suicide Squad’s main muscle. He’s tangled with Batman plenty of times, and love the taste of humans.

It’s likely the movie will give us new backstories for a number of characters, but now at least you have the basics. Come back next time for more fun fan information!

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