DC vs. Marvel Battle

The greatest fight of them all is about to begin! The four biggest Marvel and DC characters are meeting in a field of battle, and only one company will come out the victor! But which one will it be?

Let’s take a look at each fighter, and how well they stack up against one another. First up is DC.


The original hero is DC’s ringer, and the deciding force in any battle. Super speed, super strength, flight, invincibility . . . you name it, Superman has it. He has all the strengths, and only one weakness, which will nonetheless be important in this battle.


The world’s greatest detective is the only member on this list without super-human abilities, but he has plenty to make up for it, including incredible martial arts abilities, high-tech gadgets, and information about each combatant.

Wonder Woman:

A female equivalent to Superman, Wonder Woman has it all: strength, speed, flight, stamina, even some stranger abilities such as empathy, animal communication, and dimensional teleportation. Her threshold for pain isn’t as much as Superman’s but still easily super-human.

Green Lantern:

A hero with a unique ability, Green Lantern has the power to create anything he wills with his ring, including weapons, defenses, and any other utilities. He also has the power to fly, is a powerful boxer, and possesses an indomitable will.

Now on to Marvel.

Marvel vs. DC
Iron Man vs Batman


New York’s friendly neighborhood web crawler, Spider-Man has powers of the common house spider proportional to his size, including great strength, speed, agility, and more. He also has a “spider-sense” used to detect incoming dangers, and can shoot sticky webs from his wrists.


Born with a regenerative healing factor and born claws on both hands, Wolverine was given an adamantium skeleton during a secret government project. These three things combine to make him a strong, almost unkillable weapon.

Iron Man:

Tony’s powers come purely from his suit of armor, which grants him a number of abilities: strength, speed, flight, energy shields, laser beams, and a number of other offensive weapons such as rockets and more. His great intellect, powered by the node in his chest, and fast funds are hidden weapons that will be critical in this fight.


Perhaps the strongest of all Marvel heroes, Thor’s list of feats is dense. His superhuman strength is enough to tip the scales, but he possesses much more, including invulnerability to energy blasts, weighted impacts, and other forces, extreme speed, and more. Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, is his greatest advantage, giving his attacks even more power, as well as innumerable other advantages.

The Battle:

Marvel vs Dc
Thor vs Superman

The battle lines have been drawn, and we’re ready to begin! Thor lines up against Superman, Wolverine pairs off against Wonder Woman, Iron Man and Batman are trying to decide who’s richer, and Spider-Man and Green Lantern are already fighting somewhere in the city. Will the DC squad’s power advantage force the win, or will Marvel’s greater utility give them an edge?

In the battle between Thor and Superman, neither has the obvious advantage, as both are cosmically-strong heroes whose power rises with every issue. Both are nearly indestructible; it’s a battle of super-detrition. Wolverine’s fight against Wonder Woman, on the other, hand, would be faster. Wolverine’s claws could do damage to Wonder Woman unless she deflects them with her bracelets. Wonder Woman is much faster, but could be thrown off-balance by Wolverine’s fury.

Batman against Iron Man may be the only battle where the strength level factors heavily in Marvel’s direction. Batman is strong and well-prepared, but doesn’t have the power of Iron Man’s suit. Both men are highly intelligent and possess incredible tactical skill, and will surely have prepared for this battle. Spider-Man and Green Lantern are at odds with each other; one has agility and strength, the other has the ability to literally create anything, and flight. This battle will be a test of skill and adaptability at the speed of thought.

Could Iron Man have a shard of Kryptonite? Can Wolverine get past Wonder Woman’s defenses? Can Green Lantern squash spidey? Which of these two teams will come out victorious? Tell us what you think!

Nick Fury Character Corner

Ever wanted to know more about some of the superheroes you sometimes see on movie screens, television, or comic books? Every once in a while, we’ll take a look at the history of a classic or new character, and this week we’re looking at Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

Original History

Nicholas Joseph Fury grew up in depression-era New York City and enlisted in the army in 1941. He led the “Howling Commandos” and fought alongside war heroes such as Captain America and Bucky, and met Reed Richards from the Fantastic Four during this time. He incurred an injury to his left eye, and a land mine accident that led him to being inoculated with the Infinity Formula, an elixir that slowed his aging.

Original Nick Fury
Original Nick Fury

Fury stayed in the army after the end of World War II, eventually joining the C.I.A. He saw action in the Korean war, recruited Richard Parker (Spider-Man’s father) into the C.I.A., and met Howard Stark. He became director of S.H.I.E.L.D., serving for many years. Fury fought against all manner of villains, including Hydra, Loki, the group Zodiac, and even Godzilla. The majority of published stories deal with Fury during this time in his life.

After a lifetime of trying to protect Earth from dangers Fury killed a Watcher, an immortal being that watches over the universe, and took an eye from him, intending to use it to reveal the identities of criminals. With the Infinity formula now lacking from his blood, he told a group of assembled heroes that he needed a replacement to help protect Earth. The heroes, angered by him taking the Watcher’s eyes, attacked. He found the Watcher’s second eye and repelled them. Fury confronted Midas, and overloaded him using the Watcher’s eyes, killing himself as well in the process. After his death, he was turned into a silent observer of Earth, the Unseen.

Other Versions

The version of Nick Fury that appears in the Marvel movie series, portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson (as well as being based on his appearance), is an alternate version from a different universe. Many details are different in the Ultimate Comic series he appears in, including how he lost his eye: it was cut by wolverine while Fury transported him in Iraq. He also acquires the super soldier serum that is used on Captain America, granting him strength, speed, agility, stamina, healing, disease immunity, and enhanced brain function.

Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury
Comic Nick Fury
Comic Nick Fury from universe 1610

We hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of the Character Corner, featuring S.H.I.E.L.D.’s greatest secret agent, Nick Fury! Come back soon for more fun information and trivia.

Top Nine Superheroes

Who has the most power? Who would win in a fight? We don’t know. Instead of answering those questions, today we’re simply going to count down the most popular superheroes, as well as reveal information about each, and a fun fact!

Super Heroes

#9: Thor

Thor, the God of Thunder, first appeared in August of 1962; Thor was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby –who would also create Spider-Man, the Hulk, Iron Man, and many more. Mainly fighting his adopted brother Loki, a mythological trickster god, and the ice giants, Thor’s powers stem mostly from his enchanted hammer Mjollnir (Myol-neer), but he also has great strength, durability, and speed.

Fun fact: Thor spent several issues as a frog due to Loki’s magic. He left a shard of Mjollnir behind for the frog Puddlegulp, who became known as Throg.

#8: Captain America

Designed as a patriotic hero to fight the Axis powers of World War II, Captain America’s original run ended in 1950, and was revived (literally, in the context of the story) in 1964. Super-soldier serum and an indestructible shield are his main weapons. He was the leader of the S.H.I.E.L.D for a time, as well as many more teams of superheroes.

Fun fact: For a small amount of time around Watergate, Steve Rogers abandoned the Captain America identity, calling himself Nomad.

#7: Hulk

The Hulk was first published in May of 1962. The character is essentially a combination of Frankenstein’s monster, and Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The Hulk’s powers seem to grow stronger the angrier he gets, and is in fact the trigger for his transformation from mild-mannered Bruce Banner to the Incredible Hulk.

Fun fact: The Hulk was original gray, and not just because it was printed in black and white

#6: Iron Man

Making his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #39 (March 1963), Tony Stark is forced to save his own life after being kidnapped by terrorists. Making his own flying, armored suit, he adopts the moniker Iron man. The movie Iron Man was a critical success, and is responsible for the current Marvel movies.

Fun fact: Before Robert Downey Jr. was chosen to portray Tony Stark, both Tom Cruise and Nicolas Cage expressed interest.

#5: Wonder Woman

First seen in January 1942, Wonder Woman was one of the very first female superheroes ever published. She possesses a wide range of superhuman abilities, as well as indestructible bracelets, a projectile tiara, and a lasso that forces those inside to tell the truth. Gal Gadot will portray Wonder Woman in the live-action Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Fun fact: William Moulton Marston, the psychologist and writer that created Wonder Woman, also invented the Polygraph machine.

#4: Wolverine

Introduced in 1974 to the original X-Men characters, Wolverine quickly became the most popular, due to his unknown origin, exciting powers, and uneven disposition. With extendable claws and a potent healing factor, Wolverine is one of the strongest fighters in the Marvel universe.

Fun fact: Wolverine’s first appearance was an issue of the Incredible Hulk.

#3: Spider-Man

Another creation by Stan Lee, Spider-Man is undoubtedly the most popular Marvel character. After a radioactive spider bites student Peter Parker, he gains strength, agility, clinging ability, and spider-sense, along with web-shooters of his own creation. Spider-Man became famous due to its ability to connect with young readers using its themes of self-obsessions with rejection, inadequacy, and loneliness.

Fun fact: Peter Parker was not the first Spider-Man! In October of 1961, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby wrote a story about a radioactive spider that gains human-like intelligence and grows to an immense size. It was killed at the end of the story.

#2: Superman

Born on Krypton and sent to Earth, Superman was adopted by a Kansas farming couple. The grand-daddy of superheroes, Superman first graced the comic page in 1933 as a newspaper cartoon written by high school students in Cleveland, Ohio. Supes’ first comic book appearance was in 1938. For nearly eighty years, Superman has been the most well-known superhero in the world.

Fun fact: In the original comic strip, Superman couldn’t fly. He could merely jump.

#1: Batman

Batman first appeared in 1939, and his story has never differed. A genius inventor, detective, and martial artist, Bruce Wayne possesses no superhuman abilities, simply the unending drive to stop evil in the city of Gotham. The character has intrigued psychiatrists; they have attempted to understand the character’s psyche as portrayed through the various media.

Fun fact: When Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice debuts, Batman will have been portrayed by nine actors in television and movies.


Do you think we’ve snubbed a hero? Don’t like the order? Let us know!

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#10: Classic Spider-Girl Girls Costume

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#7: Black Spiderman Kids Costume – Muscle Chest Spiderman Black-Suited Kids Costume

Spider-Man’s outfit turns black when the evil alien symbiote infects him. Become one of the most famous hero-turned-villains in marvel comic history. Will you fall under the influence of its evil ways, or will you triumph and continue to fight for the good of the city?

#6: Female Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume

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#4: Deluxe Kids Wonder Woman Costume

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#3: Standard Wonder Woman Kids Costume

Your daughter can look like the original female superhero when you buy this cute costume! This super heroine began appearing in 1941, and has taken the world by storm! She joins Superman and Batman as one of the most widely-recognized comic book heroes in the world.

#2: Classic Winter Soldier Adult Muscle Costume

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#1: Deluxe Muscle Chest Flash Kids CostumeFlash Kids Costume

Turn your kid into the famous speedster from one of DC Comics’ flagship licenses! If your child is a power-packed tot who loves to race around the house, this costume is the perfect look to get him ready to canvas the neighborhood in a trick-or-treating race. Get the number one Superhero costume for your child this Halloween from Official Superhero Costumes!

X-Men: Days of Future Past!

Fast-forward through the initial escalating war against mutants and enter into its aftermath: mutants have been pushed to the point of extinction. The X-Men are scattered, picked off, and without much hope. Professor Xavier recruits Wolverine (in the comics, it’s Kitty Pride) to go back in time and to reason with the professor’s younger self and stop Senator Kelly from being assassinated – which was the initial catalyst with the humans declaring war on mutants. There could be more complex subplots afoot, but for now this is what is shown in the initial trailers.

days of future past x-men
Younger Professor X, Days of Future Past

In the previous installment, we see Eric (Magneto) abandon Charles and two camps emerge within the mutants: Eric’s group, and Charles’s group. In this installment, however, Younger Magneto and Mystique make their appearances Charles, and it seems like the stakes are higher than before for Charles and Eric to work together when the rift between them couldn’t be bigger.

The big question in Days of Future Past is this: will they be able to collaborate and save mutant-kind?

Check out our selection of costumes for this round of X-Men and see which one you can become!

Days of Future Past Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6acRHWnfZAE

And, for a more in-depth look comparing the movie to the comic books, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IkVHAPxhyzM

The Amazing Spider Man 2 Is Coming!

The anticipation is growing as the date of May 2nd comes nearer for Spider-Man fans! The movie has already received positive feedback: it’s stylish, filled with action, and we get to see Peter develop even further as our web-shooting hero.

We’ll see some familiar faces such as Green Goblin, Oscorp company, and Harry Osborne, but also some not-previously-shown characters will share the silver screen with Spider-Man and Gwen Stacey. Let’s meet them:

1)     Electro Our featured character in this post! After being saved by Spider-Man, this engineer working at Oscorp starts to make his own heroic identity after a lab accident with eels.

2)     The Rhino – Paul Giamatti plays this Russian mobster who is given a delightfully “hammy” Russian accent, which he said he enjoyed creating.

3)     Venom – A symbiotic extra-terrestrial life form that played a huge role in Spider-Man 3, needing a host to fully function.  It is unsure whether or not He may make a more prominent appearance in later films.

4)     Lizard – It is somewhat unclear (at this point in time) how big of a role Lizard will have in the Amazing Spider-Man 2.  It has been speculated that he will be a very prominent character in future installments involving Spider-Man, though.

It is also rumored that Stan Lee, the co-creator, will make a cameo appearance as well.

What are you excited for about the new movie? Feel free to comment below!

Watch the theatrical trailer below:

spiderman trailer pic

Captain America: Winter Soldier


[POSSIBLE SPOILERS: don’t read if you don’t want any pre-movie facts]

The days approach to when the Winter Soldier comes to theaters! As the Cap returns to the screen with the Battle of New York behind him, we see him trying to adjust to modern society. We are going to see some returning favorites: Black Widow and Nick Fury, but there will also be two new faces as well! Let’s meet them:

1)     Alexander Pierce

Possibly substituted for the man who controls the Winter Solider in the comics, Aleksander Lukin, Pierce is the head of the World Security Council. He is a former S.H.I.E.L.D. member and a friend of Nick Fury’s.

2)    The Winter Soldier

Believed to be dead and killed in action, James Barnes (or “Bucky”), returns as a brainwashed super soldier at the bidding of Pierce. Sebastian Stan, who plays the Winter Soldier, remarked that he wanted to dive into any kind of material (reading, watching, etc) from the Soviet spy era in order to prepare for his role. Stan also talks about Barnes as a developed character: “You know, the truth of the situation is although he looks very different and there’s different things about him, it still comes from the same person. I think you’ll get to see that no matter what. I think part of my goal here was to make sure that you see an extension of that version but just a different color of that same version in a way. I think he’s still the same guy; he’s cut from the same cloth.”

The Winter Soldier is our featured character on this post, and we’re going to be offering the Winter Soldier series of costumes for fans to bring the movie to life!

Check out the New Winter Soldier Costumes Here

kids winder soldier costumesadult winder soldier costumes

Kids Winter Soldier Costumes                                  Adult Winter Soldier Costumes

Top 13 Superhero Costumes of 2013

boys flash costumeThe Flash Deluxe Muscle Chest Kids Costume

Hailing from DC Comics, the Flash has had a few aliases. First, as Jay Garrick (1940-present). Second, he has appeared as Barry Allen (1956-1885, 2008-present), third as Wally West (1986-2006, 2007-2012), and Bart Allen (2006-2007, 2009-present). Gifted with infinite speed and superhuman reflexes, the Flash has always been a staple within the Justice League.


Adult Wonder Woman Costume



Female Adult Wonder Woman T-Shirt Costume

Comfortable yet heroic, our Female Adult T-Shirt Costume will be a great addition to your Halloween ensemble. Includes shirt, headpiece, and removable cape. Does not include pants or shoes.




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Classic The Amazing Spider-Man Kids Muscle Costume

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