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Deadpool ApprovesA Deadpool movie trailer was released last week (in green-band and rated R red-band versions). So why not have a Deadpool character corner?


Little is known about Wade Wilson before he joined Weapon X, though it is known he was a mercenary in Morocco, Japan, and the U.S. before learning he had contracted cancer. He was offered hope by Canada’s Department K, a branch of Weapon X. Thanks to the healing factor taken from Wolverine, Deadpool’s cancer was halted and he began working for the government. He killed his partner and was sent to “Hospice,” actually a place for demented Doctor Killebrew to experiment. Deadpool formed a romantic attachment to the entity Death, as one does, attempting to kill himself to be with “her.” Killebrew’s assistant ripped out Deadpool’s heart, jump-starting his healing factor. He became the mercenary we know and love after escaping from the Hospice with the other patients.

Deadpool’s adventures take him around the world, fighting with and against heroes and villains. Groups with exciting names like The Genesis Coalition, X-Force, Heroes for Hire, and more vied for his attention and skill. He became famous for cruel depravity, endless hilarity, and a penchant to discuss things with beings no one else can see – becoming a hero famous for his abuse of the fourth wall.

After a fight with Wolverine, Deadpool met up with Mercedes Wilson, his wife, whom he believed had died. A man named T-Ray, her killer, told Deadpool he was the original Wade Wilson, in an attempt to break Deadpool down mentally, though the plan failed. T-Ray and Mercedes departed quickly. Deadpool took a sidekick named Kid Deadpool, though the group was short-lived (The kid blew up).

After teamups with Cable and Agent X, Deadpool was held captive by the Skrull, escaping when they turned on each other. He was later captured by zombies, but he tasted terrible so he got away. He, tried to join the X-Men, but was turned down. However, the X-Men understood his strength, so they told him he had probationary membership. After tricking the X-Men into giving him a real membership, he visited alternate dimensions, assembling a team comprising of himself, Lady Deadpool, Kidpool, Dogpool, and Headpool.

But nothing stays the same in Deadpool’s world. He unsuccessfully committed suicide, survived atomic bombs, and battled the Hulk, and is sent to an English prison of Crossmore – this ends with him taking the Queen of England hostage. He meets an evil Deadpool at their favorite chimichanga restaurant and they fight, both kidnapping children to try and draw the other out.

Discovering a serum existed to neutralize his healing factor and allow him to finally die, Deadpool hatched a plan to come into contact with it. His plan succeeded, he lost his healing factor and other powers, and his scarred face healed. However, as things do, it all returned to normal when Evil Deadpool showed up again after having been hit with the serum, telling Deadpool it wasn’t permanent. Deadpool went on to fight zombie presidents, and steal Dracula’s wife.

Just as Wade decided to give up his life as an anti-hero, Earth-616 and Earth-1610 collided, obliterating both.


Not counting Deadpool’s unique humor and fourth-wall knowledge, Deadpool has a number of powerful abilities. Chemical resistance, disease immunity, telepathic immunity, and straight up immortality, as well as possession resistance, and the flying brick abilities: superhuman strength, speed, stamina, agility, and reflexes. He is a master martial artist, assassin, linguist, and, most dangerously, is wildly unpredictable.

He has lovely handwriting, as Elektra says, and has a fear of cows. He was once cursed by Loki, making him look like Tom Cruise and rendering his face invulnerable. The curse ruined his life.

Deadpool showed up in the Wolverine Origins movie, portrayed by Ryan Renolds (who will also play him in the upcoming movie), though he is the character only in name.


Deadpool thanks you for reading his Character Corner. Come back next week for more fun information!

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