A Costume for Every Superhero

Superhero CostumeHalloween, now being concluded, means your costume must return to whatever closet they inhabited for the last eleven and a half months. The candy bags may finally be empty, the ghosts and vampires have been taken down and replaced with decorations for whatever next holiday you consider most worthwhile, and the Holiday season has begun in earnest. The sugar-addled weekends since then got us thinking: what outfits would Superheroes wear if they went trick-or-treating?


Being a classic himself, Superman is a fan of outfits from the days of yore — simple looks that everyone can recognize. Now, nothing could possible scare Superman, save perhaps someone dressed up as Kryptonite or Darkseid, and that seems like asking for trouble, but he did grow up in Kansas. Know what else is from Kansas? Corn. Lots of corn. Even more, Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz is from Kansas. And who does Dorothy meet on her way to meet the wizard? Superman’s costume would be a scarecrow. The answer is simple.

The Flash:

Flash’s ability gives him a number of interesting options. He could, conceivable, dress as the wonder twins or two people doing a mirror routine. For the fastest man alive, the options are endless. However, Olympic figures like Usain Bolt, Pietro Mennea, or Jessie Owens would probably suit him better.

Black Widow:

There’s no shortage of red-haired figures Black Widow could become: Ana from Frozen, Merida, Jessica Rabbit, Poison Ivy, Raggedy Ann. But what is Black Widow? A spy. Spies go undetected. They blend in. They don’t stand out. What would Black Widow be for Halloween? Anything except a red-haired character. The best costume for Black Widow is probably an Iron Man suit.


The God of Thunder’s lack of subtlety is well-known. For Halloween, his costume will end up being something either ham-fisted or simple . . . or:

Thor costume
I really hope you get this

Wonder Woman:

Since she hails from a female-dominated society, Wonder Woman would undoubtedly choose a famous woman from history to emulate like Amelia Earhart or Cleopatra. Or maybe she really likes soccer and dresses as Mia Hamm or Cristiane Rozeira.


Can YOU think of something scarier than Batman? We can’t!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this Superhero costume list. Come back next week for more fun fan information!

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